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The idea came after seeing how many homes are affected by power outages each year, especially in areas where natural disasters are prevalent. That combined with wondering how it is that some areas in the world STILL do not have electricity sparked the idea for a generator that would never need fossil fuel (or any fuel for that matter) to keep it running. 


SunVault wants to help provide solar generators and batteries to countries and regions that do not have reliable electricity. By providing a solution that is 1/3rd the price of a standard solar battery, we plan to partner with as many humanitarian groups as possible to bring power and control into the lives of millions.


In addition, we hope to provide a power backup solution to those who have gone solar by providing them with the most robust and cost effective unit available on the market.


The technology is nothing new. The sun has been a source of growth and power and sustainability since before any of us were around. We have been able to successfully harness this power since the early 1970's. With increases in efficiency in the panels as well as the batteries, SunVault is the most affordable and most durable option for emergency backup needs.

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