SunVault "Eclipse" 3.3kw Generator

During the day (active solar production) this 3.3kw unit functions solely as a medium to regulate the solar energy and allow you to use it as it is produced.

Daytime usage does not depend on battery or unit size, solely the input of the solar panels.

During the night (No active solar production) the SunVault Eclipse is designed to keep all the most important appliances powered during an outage. Things like your fridge, freezer, computer/Wi-Fi router, and your personal devices.

The most economic solar storage solution on the market.

  • Solar PV input reading screen

  • AC output reading screen

  • 3 standard 120V wall outlets

  • 3 standard USB 3.0 outlets

  • 1 standard USB C outlet

  • 1 standard AC charging cable port (rear)

  • 1 Solar PV "Quick Connect" port (rear)

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